Welcome to Malton and our dedication to our beloved Earth. We are guided by the Ascended Master Kuthumi, who once lived here as Francis of Assisi. We hold his devotion to the Elements and the Animal, Plant, and Mineral Kingdoms. May our hearts soar together in this time of transition. "A change of heart can change the world!"

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Crystals Connections in the Golden Cities.

Crystals that are in Shalahah, Malton, and Klehma

 Crystals in Gobean (photo courtesy of R. Fye) and Wahanee

Crystal Placements
for Vortex Communications

The particular work of the Malton Vortex has to do with the healing of the Elementals, and the Animal, Plant, and Mineral Kingdoms.  As part of the activation of this Vortex, we felt a need to increase the communication between Malton and the other four Golden City Vortices of the United States through the use of clear quartz crystals..  A mother crystal (a crystal with smaller crystals growing on her sides) is held in Malton,  She is programmed to flow communications from Unana (unity consciousness) and Beloved Babajeran (the Earth Mother) and to radiate these energies to the other crystals.  All five crystals hold the connection to the other crystals and move their energies primarily in the order of their Vortex activation. .  The four other crystals are either held or buried in the other Vortices.

 Our Crystal Courier Alice carried the Shalahah Crystal to Montana and with her niece Jodi, from that area, were guided by the Crystal into a measdow beside a young tree.  They felt intense energies of celebration in which the swirling winds and clouds became dramatic participants.  After calling upon those who are working for the highest good of the Earth and holding up the Crystal for a special blessing, they recited this Invocation:

In the name of I Am That I Am I,
I bury this crystal at the center of this Vortex
to call forth a great web of healing Love
from our hearts to the heart of the Beloved Earth,
to be sustained and felt throughout the 51 Vortexes
surrounding the Planet,
So Be It.

The Klehma Crystal was sent from there to Crystal Couriers Kathleen and Gayle in Colorado, who traveled to the center of that Vortex and buried the Crystal.  They also felt guided to a particular location and experienced the gathering of uplifting energies and the participation of the Nature surrounding them as they repeated the same Invocation. 

A crystal has been programmed in Gobean, belonging to Alex, and will be couriered to the Star.   The Wahanee Crystal has now been received by Beverly, who is leading classes in the center of that Vortex in Georgia.  She was thrilled with how it looked and felt.  Speaking with her on the telephone the moment that she placed this Crystal upon her Altar, I instantly received a call from our Shalahah Crystal Courier Alice, who asked me if I was working with the crystals because she just got a jolt from the Montana Crystal!  I answered that we had just placed the Wahanee Crystal into the circuit.  Montana would be next on its relay.  Obviously, this was a powerful event, now having all five crystals connected and active in their respective locations.  Georgia now feels much closer to Mattoon, Illinois, as does Arizona, Montana, and Colorado.  May our vitality and closeness continue to build and help to inspire many more to journey through these wondrous Golden City Vortices.  So Be It!

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