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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ascension Alignment

Eight-Sided Cell of Perfection Energy Map
Adapted from Points of Perception by Lori Adaile Toye



Meditation for Perfection

This Meditation assists the Ascension Alignment by activating the Eight-Sided Cell of Perfection. Mother Mary explains that she has placed this Eight-Sided Cell of Perfection within our hearts, assuring that we will always carry our perfection within. She explains that we are each conceived as an Immaculate Concept. This purity is the truth of our Being; we have simply turned away from our own perfection and the Light of God that Never Fails. Mary tells us that we are held close within her heart, and she can only see us as perfect. [Look for this discourse from Mother Mary in the soon-to-be-released Fields of Light by Lori Adaile Toye, the third book in the upcoming I AM America Trilogy.]

Life force flows through this Perfect Cell in the sequence of the numbering. Following these numbers, you will find a figure-eight configuration if you arch up over two going from three to four. This meditation is best done facing South, so that you will find the Divine Heaven before you and the Cause and Effect behind you, much like the fanning of peacock feathers.

Each Palace within the Perfect Cell holds a Color Ray and a Purpose. We begin in the Temple of Being, the FIRST Palace, our Higher Self, where we flow from the I AM Presence. Here, our Higher Self holds the space for our embodiment and is our Temple of connection to I AM THAT I AM. This first meditation is to find the stillness and silence within, where this core of perfection sustains. This Palace is exceedingly rich in all Colors and deep tidings of the ONE. Feel the same Temple of Being within the heart of the Mother Earth and the joy of her inner connection to All That Is.

From this exquisite Palace, we step South into the Divine Heaven with our Divine Purpose and Self-expression, the SECOND Palace. We have been created for a purpose, as well as for the joy of existence and the expansion into the realms of experience. To meditate upon our Divine Purpose is to feel the dignity of  the  niche we are designed to fill; even if the specifics of this purpose are not immediately known, just to know that it is there, to feel that there is importance and joy within this purpose, will invite this information to become evident. The Ruby-Gold Color Ray holds our devotion and power of action, with the necessary protection and alignment to stay on course. The Divine Purpose of our Mother Planet can also be felt, with her sentience, focus, and determination, aligning not only with the Divine Will but also with the human will.

Feeling our strength of purpose and the strength of purpose of Babajeran (the Earth Mother), we then move East into the THIRD Palace, that of Sharing, Marriage, and Mate. This is where we can know or sense our Twin Flame or Divine Complement. Being in duality, there is an inner aspect which completes us. The White Ray attends this Palace, and in the purity of this Ray, a profound spiritual Love and total acceptance is felt and carried. Bask in this White Light and know the wholeness of the self. This constant companionship brings forth emotional joy and the sustaining of perfection. Know also that the Earth Mother has a Divine Complement and holds up to seven identities for the Times of Transition (Fields of Light by Lori Adaile Toye).

Flowing around and beneath the Second Palace to the West, we reach the FOURTH Palace, of Family and The World in Cosmic Motion. This fills our sense of belonging in the ONE spiritual family and also within our Star seed family and soul group. To know that they are there creates an opening to feel their presence. This is attended by the Pink Ray of Divine Love. And so, within this Palace, are the rich experiences of the joy of belonging, nurturing, non-judgment, and fruitful desires. We are the family of Babajeran and she also has her larger family within her Cosmic identity, which also gives her support and strength. Meditating upon The World in Cosmic Motion shows “as above, so below.”

From here, we cross over and up to the East, beginning the upper loop of the figure eight, into the FIFTH Palace of Generation of the Forces of Nature, Fruition, and Children. This places us within the continual evolution of life and of generations. Meditating upon The Generation of the Forces of Nature can take us deeply into the generative powers of Nature and a sense of continuity and expansion. This Palace holds the Blue Ray of Divine Truth and the Divine Will. The Blue Ray can also be used for protection. The functions of the rational and intuitive mind can be explored in this Palace.
The Earth Mother is the expression of the Forces of Nature and we can sense her balancing and nurturing generative aspects.

Moving up is the SIXTH Palace of Spiritual Teachers and Guides, attended by the Violet Ray. This Ray blends the Pink Ray of Divine Love with the Blue Ray of Divine Truth, forming the transmuting Ray of Mercy and Forgiveness. This Ray assures that love and truth will be sustained. This Violet Ray is the dispensation for this Time of Change, bringing the dissolution of Karma and transmuting of all impediments to our rightful perfection. To assist this process of evolving, we have guides and spiritual teachers. To stay on a spiritual path assures the coming Golden Age. Taking responsibility for all our creations gives us the power to transmute through self-forgiveness and the forgiving of all. Babajeran has constantly forgiven us and also works with others who assist her.

Moving directly to the North, the SEVENTH  Palace, brings forth Abundance, Money, and Growth.  This Palace holds the Green Ray of healing and abundance. Within Cause and Effect, this Palace relates to our desire for growth, ability to focus upon what we want, and trusting, so that we can receive joyfully. Visualizing the Green Ray coming up from the ground and through the body, see it circulating all through the body and its organs, much like the circulatory system. Each time this is done, it further promotes healing. The Earth Mother creates with exquisite beauty all that we see in Nature. Feel her creative joy.

To the East then, is the EIGHTH Palace, ‘The World’ Occupations. A world occupation is one of service, fitting into the exchange of energy described as, for every intake is an outtake. This Palace is attended by the Aquamarine-Gold Ray, which promotes the freedom, expression, and awareness of the I AM Presence within. Our Eighth energy body is an alignment body, integrating the previous seven bodies (corresponding to our Chakras) into a body of service. Babajeran has a world and cosmic occupation which can be sensed, supported, and well appreciated!  

Completing the upper, or Northern loop, of the figure eight in the West, is the NINTH Palace, the Star of Knowledge and Choice. This Palace is attended by the Yellow Ray of Divine Wisdom, utilizing the literal and expressive intuition, or inner knowing. This Star of Knowledge holds the awareness that choice is the basis of all experience and is the constant reminder of the power of one’s focus. We are at this crucial choice of accepting our perfection and ushering in a Golden Age within the Fourth Dimension, a dimension which sustains and maintains. This expansion will bring harmony and a Oneness that will open us to many new discoveries. The Earth Mother weeps with joy, not only with this alignment, but through the Oneness we feel with her.

This completes the upper loop of the figure-eight, aligning the Cause and Effect of the North, the masculine-informing aspect, with the Divine Heaven of the South, the feminine-nurturing aspect. Mother Mary says this Cell of Perfection is held within a cradle in the heart. Within this cradle is our perfect child self, longing to emerge into the safe and exciting playground of Divine Love and Truth. Each time we return to the Temple of Being to begin this cycle again, it lifts us in a spiral. As there is a constant spin within our chakras, both receiving and releasing, so too does this Cell expand and contract in a constant motion, holding our evolving helixes of DNA in our RNA.

The Ascension Alignment is brought forth as the marriage of the masculine and feminine aspects, birthing Unana (unity consciousness). As we lift through these Palaces of Perfecting, we become the expression of the Dove of Peace and Babajeran becomes the Freedom Star, a planet of love in action. 

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