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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Violet Flame Review

The Violet Flame
Compilation of information from the New World Atlas and Points of Perception by Lori Toye.

The Violet Flame was brought by the Lords of Venus at the end of Lemuria to clear the earth’s etheric and psychic realms, and the lower physical atmosphere of negative forces and energies.  It balances karma through transmutation, forgiveness, and mercy, opening the spiritual heart and develops unconditional love and compassion.  The Violet Flame induces Alchemy, as the shortest wave length and highest frequency of the spectrum becomes the transition to the next octave of light.  Use the Violet Flame no less than three times a day.

The flame sustains the eternal energy of love, teaching the divine acceptance of the self as it is.  This dispensation is brought by the Planetary Council.  In using this Law of Mercy, Forgiveness, Divine Compassion and Grace, it affects those encountered with its ability to transcend all problems.  The collective energetic effort of the mass with this synergy, will move the Earth into harmonizing the Green Ray and the Violet Ray.  By extending the Violet Flame to Her, we are serving the planet as our Sister.

We called the Earth energies into our form and as they entered, we merged with them and densified into this dimension.  The Pink Ray is the eternal flame of Love, which leaps from one heart to the next as a conductive energy force.  Adding the Blue Ray energy of truth imparts the dispensation of the Violet Flame.  It is the unwillingness to cooperate which brings catastrophes.  Now the offer of Forgiveness streams from the hands of the Mother, one stream pink, the other blue, coming together as the Violet Ray.  Inharmonic patterns are consumed and transmuted by the Violet Flame.  The Violet Flame accelerates the metabolic rate of the system, allowing one to access fourth alignment density. 

The Violet Flame transmutes all who come back to the source, the ONE, perfected cell, I AM.  It is carried in the heart as a lover of truth.  The teachings of the Violet Flame come through the Goddess of Compassion and Mercy Kuan Yin, as the female aspect of Compassion, Mercy, Forgiveness, and Peace.  She was St.Germain’s teacher, who carries forth the masculine aspect of the flame as Purification, Alchemy, and Transmutation.  Through decrees, invocations, or meditating upon the flame, it’s transmuting energies are like the “light of a thousand suns,” as radiant as the first day the Elohim Archturus and Diana drew it forth from the sun at the creation of the earth.   When using the Violet Flame, these two master Teachers hold you in the loving arms of its action and power. 

If it is difficult to forgive, visualize the Violet flame streaming forth from your feet and extending to the top of the head.  This stimulates each of the centers of light upon and within the physical body.  Visualize it through and around those with whom there is disharmony, in business practices, and on bank accounts.  This allows movement toward the ONE, as a bridge to the Universal Mind.  First comes the changes within the Heart, then this is reflected in the societies and communities.  Changes will first occur in each of the Vortices, in the order they have been activated.  Prophecies of Peace are anchored in Gobean.  I AM the Violet Flame, An ember in the heart, I AM the Violet Flame, Peace and grace I impart. . .   I AM a being of Violet Fire!  I AM the purity cooperation desires!
Transmutation occurs first with the purging of the body.  It can be experienced as a physical fire, affecting the systems first, such as the lymphatic, then on to the joints. 
This is known as Vibrational Toning and requires the intake of more water.  Becoming a transmitter of light and vehicle of peace involves the suffering of the body as the soul purges that which is no longer needed.  Kindling the Violet Flame during the Cellular Awakening affects the water balance of the physical body, including circulation and the emotional body.  A time comes of being ONE with the Flame and a bright Golden Light will begin to be activated in the outer layers of the Body. 

When calling upon the Violet Flame, it alone has the ability to transmute and change any situation at any time.  Even the wars currently waging in the Middle East could be changed if the focus were placed on Transmutation and the Violet Flame.  Seeing or encountering violence, invoke the Violet Flame, as it will transmute and change it into a situation of peace.  The choice is simple for infinite, eternal peace!  This powerful universal force disintegrates etheric genetic coding through daily meditation, decrees, and visualizations.  

Invocation at Sunrise and Sunset:  I invoke the Violet Flame to come forth in the name of I AM that I AM.  To the Creative Force of all the realms of all the universes, the Alpha, the Omega, the Beginning, and the End.  To the Great Cosmic Beings and Torch Bearers of all the realms, the Brotherhoods and Sisterhoods of Breath, Sound, and Light who honor this Violet Flame that comes forth from the Pink Ray of Divine Love and the Blue Ray of all Eternal Truths, the Divine Will.   Mighty Violet Flame, stream forth from the Heart of the Central Logos, the Mighty Great Central Sun!  Stream in, through, and around me.

Out-picturing is pouring the energy of consciousness into what is desired – smell it, touch it, see it, hear it!  Step into that experience.  But if you are blocking it or stopping it from happening because of an old creation, it is necessary to withdraw your energy from the old creation.  The Violet Flame dissolves old creations.  Train the consciousness to perceive the desired result.  Aging of the physical body is the aging of your perception in that experience.   Always use the Violet Flame in, through, and around all requests for financial abundance, for the Violet Flame can transmute the cause, the record, and the effect of any problem.  Use it throughout preparation and planning, to make things go smoothly and effortlessly. 

The Violet Fame is spiritual velocity pure and simple.  The flame’s force often produces feelings of peace, tranquility, and inner harmony.  It lifts the low-vibrating energy fields of blame, despair, and fear into Forgiveness and Understanding, paving the path to love.
The Violet Flame is rooted in Alchemic powers and sometimes identified as the higher energy of Saturn and the Blue Ray, a force of justice, love, and wisdom.  The ability of the flame to release temporal concerns is Saturn’s detachment from emotions and lower energies, severing worldly connections and opening a keener consciousness.  This gift from the Lords of Venus comes so we will understand the ONE that is contained within each and every one of us.

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  1. this is so beautiful, thank you for your pearls of wisdom. confirming for me whatHave and I Am feeling. The Violet Age of Ascension.